If you’re the kind of person who loves group fitness classes but would like to take your workouts to the next level, Small Group Trainings (SGT’s) are the place for you!

Suspension Training

With Dani Cobb Returns!
May 5th – June 30th
9:30am – 10:30am
Only 8 Saturdays

(no class on May 19th)

“Just Tri It!”
Summer Series

Train like a Triathlete
May 19th – July 14th, 12pm – 2pm
Only 8 Saturdays

(no class on May 26th)

What are SGT’s

SGT’s are programs that we run for a short period of time with a specific focus, such as TRX or Boot Camps. These trainings have a limited number of space available and are always led by a certified trainer. The small group sizes allow for a more personalized experience and the trainings focus on a specific workout or training style, allowing you to make huge improvements in your fitness level and knowledge of the particular series.

Small Group Trainings typically run as a series, lasting anywhere from 4 weeks-3 months and occurring 1-3 days per week during the series. You are not required to attend every training in the series however, the greatest benefit can be found by completing a series in it’s entirety.

SGT Cost*

SGT’s are offered as an additional service to a FitnessWorks gym membership. The beauty of our Small Group Training tickets is that they can be used for ANY small group training at FitnessWorks.

*Some SGT sessions may have additional costs based on the length of the session or other specialty values. For example, “Just Tri It!” sessions are 2 hours each and include pool fee so they cost $35/session or $200 for the full series of 8 sessions (member pricing). A GREAT VALUE… Members buying the full series only pay $25 for each 2 hour session compared to $140 for 2 hours of one-on-one personal training!

Individual SGT class


  • 1st class in a series is FREE



  • Includes all day gym access

Small Group Training (SGT) Procedure

  • Purchase your SGT ticket(s) AND reserve or cancel your spot online, on your iPhone, or by talking to our Front Desk or Membership teams.
  • 1. All Small Group Training (SGT) sessions must be funded with an SGT ticket prior to sign up. Buy SGT tickets at FitnessWorks or online… After logging in, go to “Shop” and purchase SGT Ticket(s) or SGT Package (save 10%). Then make your reservation by clicking “Classes”.
  • 2. Cancellations are excepted up to 24 hours in advance of your scheduled SGT session. Cancellations inside 24 hours and No Shows will be charged 1 SGT Ticket.
  • 3. Please check-in at the Front Desk at least 5 minutes prior to SGT start time to receive your TRX Attendance Card. Please submit the TRX Attendance Card to your instructor.
  • 4. Late Policy – TRX spots will be given to any Wait List members 5 minutes prior to SGT start time so please make sure you check-in at least 5 minutes before each session.
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